For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34
Partner with the ministry as a whole or with the specific ministry of one of the YWAM Nexia: Truro Initiative staff. Our Project Funding Office in Vancouver, BC processes any/all donations for ministries of YWAM Canada. They are also able to process online donations, simply click on the link and follow the directions.

Due to Canada Revenue policy, we are unable to process donations for students doing DTS's in YWAM.

In the USA, you can partner by sending a cheque written to YWAM and on a separate note write “Designated to YWAM Truro.” DO NOT WRITE OUR NAME ON THE CHEQUE ANYWHERE. Send to YWAM Strategic Frontiers Donor Services, PO Box 60579, Colorado Springs CO, 80960. Or partner online at and click donate on the bar along the top. Designate the fund to “other” and type “ YWAM Truro” in the corresponding box. They will also do automatic withdrawal if you email and ask.

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